The WigShop Size Guide

The size guide below is for the wigs I carry (mostly Monique brand) that have a stretchy cap.  They are not head measurement - just the size that best fits a particular doll. 

If your doll is not listed, you can measure yourself and make a determination. 


Wrap a cloth tape measure around the circumference of your doll's head just behind the ears and across the forehead. Measurement should be in inches.

EXAMPLE: If your measurement of the dolls head is 6 5/8" a wig size of 6/7 is correct. 

Most wigs have a stretch type cap which provides flexibility in sizing. This stretch cap makes it easier to place the wig on the dolls head.

A silicone wig cap under the wig can help a lot if the head is an odd shape or if the wig is a little too large for the doll.  On dolls with very tight fitting wigs, the wig cap is not recommended unless you go to the next size.

Silicone wig caps are available in sizes:

  • 3 for Amelia Thimble and tiny BJD's
  • 4 (for Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Puki Puki and 23cm BJD's) 
  • 5 (for Sybarite, Tyler, Gene, Kinetic) 
  • 6-7 (for CED's, Ellowyne, Evangeline)
  • 7-8 (for Tonner American Models and Mini-BJD's)
  • 8-10 (for 60cm BJD's)

$6 each - any size

Silicone Wig Caps on Sybarite and Antoinette

These stretchy clear silicone wig caps give an ideal non-slip surface and help with wig fit.  They are sized to sit on the pate of the head, but can be trimmed if needed.   These are really terrific!  Try it for one doll and you'll want one for all of them!


Size 3

Amelia Thimble
Real Puki (not great - the pointed head makes for a difficult fit.  Some wigs will go on, but others will not)

Size 4

Fashion Royalty
GI Joe
Jun Planning Ai
Kish Riley and friends
Puki Puki (sometimes too much hair - may need to be styled or thinned)
Smaller head 23cm BJD
Soom iMda Timp

Size 4/5

Betsy McCall 8"
Ficon (on the loose side - silicone wig cap recommended)
Goodreau 8"
JamieShow (male and female)
JamieShow Gene and friends
Kim Lasher Shu Mei
Kingdom Doll
Mini Planet Doll
Numina (on the loose side - silicone wig cap recommended)
Soom iMda 1.7
Sybarite - tight on Gen3+ heads and Inque, but can get on with some patience.  Need a 5/6 on flocked heads
Urban Vita

Size 5/6 

Bambicrony Elf
Bobobie March
Doug James CED and S-Series
Gene (Ashton Drake or Integrity)
Kay Wiggs Cinnamon
Kim Lasher Lolly
Lati Yellow
R&D Angels
Sad Sally (tight - on pulled back styles, a 6/7 works better)
Soom iMda 2.2
Most 16" female Tonner (Tyler, Antoinette, Deja Vu)
Matt O'Neill/most 17" Tonner males
19" Tonner American Models (older ones)

Size 6/7

Ciao Bella Bambicrony
Ellowyne and friends (tight on Amber and Prudence... may want 7/8 on those if you don't like tugging things on)
Evangeline Ghastly/Parnilla
Goodreau vinyl 16" BJD
Iplehouse JID
Lati Green
Little Fee Ante
Minifee Celine (and a few others)
Mortimer Mort
Narae 43cm
Peaks Woods Lady Bee
Tonner Patsy

Size 7/8 

most 43cm BJDs
22" Tonner American Models
Betsy McCall 14"
Effner 13" Little Darlings
Goodreau 16" resin BJD's
Iplehouse EID Female
Mini Fee Lishe (and a few others)
Planet Doll Riz
Soah/Sooah (8/9 also works on these with a wig cap)

Size 8/9 

Most 60cm BJDs
Iplehouse EID Felix/Arvid
most Kaye Wiggs dolls
Kim Lasher Alice
Peaks Woods FOC Goldie
Pullip (very tight)
Wilde Imagination's Patience