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Monique has introduced several new blended colors for their Gold Label Collection.  These are variegated color blends that are available in some of the wigs:

2 Tone Brown Ginger Brown, Brown Black
Black Blonde Off-Black, Golden Strawberry
Black Brown Off-Black, Ginger Brown (not the same as Brown Black)
Blondie Honey Blonde, Ginger Brown
Champagne Light Peach Blonde, Honey Blonde
Chocolate Red Chestnut Brown, Brown Black, Carrot Red
Dark Reddish Auburn Golden Auburn, Off-Black
Double Red Carrot Red, Golden Auburn (more carrot than auburn)
Double Irish Red Irish Red, Golden Strawberry Blonde
Electra Off-Black, Orange, Yellow, Red
Foxy Red Carrot Red, Brown Black (mostly red)
Golden Blonde Brown Golden Strawberry, Ginger Brown
Golden Brown Ginger Brown, Gold (non-metallic)
Light Ash Brown Ginger Brown, Golden Strawberry, Bleach Blonde
Majestic Blonde Golden Strawberry, Light Peach Blond
Maple Blonde Golden Strawberry, Bleach Blonde, Golden Auburn
Nearly Black Brown Black, Off-Black
Reddish Auburn Golden Auburn, Ginger Brown (leans towards brown)
Reddish Blonde Carrot Red, Golden Strawberry (more blonde than Soft Red)
Reddish Brown Golden Auburn, Chestnut Brown
Soft Red Carrot Red, Golden Strawberry (more red than Reddish Blonde)

Please note: Brown Black is a single, non-variegated color.  It is the darkest solid brown in the synthetic mohair.

These photos were taken by Francisco Martins to show color comparisons of many shades: