The Rhinestone Collection

All pieces are all original designs by Facets and made from genuine Austrian crystal rhinestones.  These tiaras are approximately 1 1/2" in diameter at the widest point.  They are proportioned to fit 16" fashion dolls like Tyler, Gene, or Alex or 18"-19" fashion dolls like CED or Kitty Collier.

To inquire or order email: Marcia

Queen Mary Tiara

Swarovski crystal miniature replica of Queen Mary's "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" tiara, given to her as a wedding gift in 1893. 

Available in gold or silver.





Eugenie Tiara

Inspired by a tiara worn by Empress Eugenie.  Available in silver/clear, silver/aurora borealis (shown at right), and gold/clear. 




Laurel Band Tiara

A small band tiara with a leaf design and small Swarovski crystal accents.  Available in silver or gold with clear stones.  The center stone can be changed to almost any color - just ask.


Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

Swarovski crystal and pearl replica of Diana's tiara.  Rhodium (dull silver/platinum look) plated with clear stones.  It is also available in gold.


Diana's Swan Lake necklace/earrings set is also available  $30

Spencer Tiara

Delicate swirled tiara with Swarovski crystal rhinestones, based on Princess Diana's.  Rhodium (dull silver/platinum look) plated with clear stones.  Also available in gold.


My Diana doll is wearing my version of Diana's Engagement set.  The necklace/earring set is available in silver, gold or rhodium (closest to accurate).  $25

Pearl Floral Tiara

A delicate design with flowers, rhinestones and pearls on twisted wire.  Available in silver or gold. 



Small Filigree Pearl Tiara

A tiara with pearl accents great for both 11" and 16" dolls.  Available in silver or gold. 


Small Leaf Tiara

A smaller version of my Leaf tiara, great for both 11" and 16" dolls.

available in silver:  aurora borealis and light multi
available in gold: clear, aurora borealis, light multi, topaz

Other colors are sold out.


Leaf Tiara

available in silver: clear, aurora borealis, tanzanite, light pink, peridot
available in gold: light multi, topaz

May be available in other colors - email me if you're looking for something. 


Gold/dark multi shown not available.



Gene repainted by Angela Ingrum wearing Pavlova set with AB tiara

Arabesque Alex wearing Belle set with amethyst tiara

Tyler repainted by Sherry Miller wearing Tyler's Jewelry Essentials - Amethyst (prototype set)

Femme Fatale Kitty Collier wearing Morning Dew set with teal tiara

An ornate larger design featuring a colored teardrop stone in the center.  Almost any color available - just ask!

$25 (any color)


Cara CED doll

Millennium Ball Alex wearing Rai set 

Parisienne Sydney wearing Utopia set

A classic design based on the Kokoshnik Tiara owned by Queen Alexandra of England. 

Also available in gold or in silver in clear or in silver with all black or aurora borealis stones.



Lace Tiara

available in silver: aurora borealis, pearl, and black
available in gold: aurora borealis, pearl

Other colors may be available - ask if you're looking for something.



To inquire or order email: Marcia