Table Gift Ideas from Facets
Diamonds are a Doll's Best Friend!

These items are items that are great for convention table gifts, doll club gifts, etc.  They range from $3 - $10 each, most of them have a quantity discount if you order 10.

What is a table gift?  Some conventions have a tradition of people giving small gifts to the people who sit with them at the banquet meals.  Sometimes, only the host gives a gift.  Sometimes, everyone gives something to everyone else at the table.  Sometimes, everyone gives something to everyone else and a little something extra to the host.  Some conventions discourage table gifts entirely, so you might want to ask an experienced convention goer what the the tradition is at a particular.  I've been to many conventions... feel free to ask me.  If I can't answer, I'll try to direct you somewhere that you can get an answer.  As far as I know, NO convention requires the giving of table gifts by attendees (some do ask hosts to give), so you should not feel pressure to do so if you are uncertain about it.

If you want something in particular for a convention, I suggest that you pre-order.  I usually only have enough to make 1 - 2 10 packs of any item.    Pre-orders can be shipped to you in advance or I can bring them with me, if I am attending.

Most of the items below come boxed, but a few do not.  Ask if you want to know how they are packaged.  10 small gift boxes are available for an additional $5.

To inquire or order email: Marcia


Perfume Bottles - $5 each or an assortment of 10 for $45.

Pitcher/Bowl set - $4 each or assortment of 10 for $36.  If you want all the same color, it is $40 for 10 of them, if I have enough.  Comes boxed.

Pistols - $8 each or 10 for $70.  Choice of pearl handle, black handle, or assorted.

Vanity set (comb, mirror, powder tin) - $10 each or 10 for $90.  Comes boxed.

Potted orchids - $8 each or $70 for assortment of 10.




Briefcase - $10 each or 10 for $85

Books - $5 each or 10 for $45

Book titles available:

The Films of Bette Davis

The Films of Joan Crawford

The Films of Gene Marshall

The Films of Madra Lord

Adrian - Silver Screen to Custom Label


Magazines - $4 each or 10 for $35

Magazines available:

Screen Stars



All magazines and books are blank inside.

Candy and Cookie Jars - $4 each or assortment of 10 for $36

Choice of tall jars or short jars.  Jars open and candy/cookies are removable. 

You can choose all candy, all cookies, or mixed.  Items will be assorted (not all the same type of candy/cookie).

Cork Diorama - $4 each or 10 for $36

Tea Cup and Saucer - $4 each or assortment of 10 for $36

Picture Frames - sold out

Magnetic Pin Packs - $50 for 10 pins.  Comes with individual cards and bags for presentation.

The ones shown on the left are examples.  They may or may not be available, but other similar packs are.  If you have a special request of a shape/style/color, email me and I'll see if I have it available.



Bracelets - Hinged or elastic bracelets from $5 - $10 each.  Discounts on assortments of 10.

Purses - I can do assortments of 10 purses at a significant discount.

Earrings - I have 10 packs of sparkly earrings from $50 - $100.  Let me know your budget and I'll make up a set for you!  I have a few identical (same style & color) and some varied (same style - different colors).  Let me know what you like :-)

Jewelry sets - More extravagant option, but an assortment of 10 (or sometimes 10 of the same... if I have them in stock) are discounted.  Some people ask for 10 sets in a particular color or the same set in varied colors.

Email me to discuss what you have in mind!

To inquire or order email: Marcia