Fashion Doll Shoes

Facets Footwear for 16" dolls - Amazing Rhinestone Shoes for Tyler & Gene!
Shoes for 16" fashion dolls (Tyler, Ellowyne Wilde, Antoinette, Gene, Alex, FR16, Kingdom Doll, Sybarites and others)
Shoes for 16" Flat Foot female fashion dolls (Flat Foot/Nu-Mood Tyler, etc.)
Shoes for 16"-ish Male Fashion Dolls (Matt O'Neill, Peter Pevensie/Mortimer Mort, Tonner Superhero/Athletic and others)
Shoes for SD, MSD and tiny size BJD's

Shoes for Tiny Kitty & Coquette

Shoes for Fashion Royalty, FR2, Jem/Color Infusion and Silkstone/Barbie

Shoes for Deeanna Denton/Tonner Superhero Female, CED dolls, Kitty Collier, Tonner American Models, Evangeline Ghastly and Cissy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What are the lengths and widths of the shoes?

A:  Dimensions are approximate and may differ by a few millimeters depending on style.  Shoes are about 2 - 4mm larger than the dolls' feet.  All styles are for high heeled feet except the Flat Foot and Male shoes.

Shoes for FR2: 30mm long/10mm wide

Shoes for Jem/Color Infusion: 33mm long/10-11mm wide

Shoes for FR16/JamieShow/Kingdom Doll:  42mm long/12-13mm wide

Shoes for Gene/Tyler:  42mm - 48mm long/13-15mm wide

Shoes for Flat Foot/Nu-Mood Tyler: 43mm long/15mm wide

Shoes for Ellowyne/Antoinette: 50mm long/15mm wide

Shoes for Deeanna Denton/CED:  54mm long/18mm wide

Shoes for Kitty Collier: 58mm long/18 mm wide

Shoes for Tonner American Models/Evangeline Ghastly:  62mm long/18mm wide (the Monique styles are labeled 72mm because most of the styles have pointy toes, but the "usable" part of the shoe is much shorter).

Shoes for Cissy:  64mm long/25mm wide

Shoes for Matt: 58mm long/22mm wide

Shoes for Slim MSD: 60mm long/22mm wide (very close to Matt size)

Shoes for Tonner Superhero/Athletic Male: 70mm long/25mm wide

Shoes for 60cm BJD/SD: 76mm long/29mm wide

Q:  Do you have any shoes that fit Ellowyne Wilde?

A:  Many styles on the 16" fashion doll shoes fit Ellowyne.  She has almost the same feet as Antoinette/Tonner Chic Body

Q:  Do you have any shoes that 16" Poppy Parker/FR16?

A:  For high heels, many of the 16" Tyler fashion doll shoes fit.  There are a few styles made for Kingdom Doll that will fit the high heel in the highest arch.  Most of the flat fashion doll shoes fit the dolls when the feet are flat.


Q:  Do you have any shoes that fit child doll Marley?

A:   Many of the shoes for Flat Foot/Nu-Mood Tyler fit Marley.  The closed toe ones are large, but it does not show because they are enclosed.  Open toe shoes look too large on Marley, although adjustment of the buckle on some may be sufficient for a good fit. 

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit CED dolls?

A:  Yes - shoes made for Deeanna Denton also fit CED dolls.  Kitty Collier's boots also work on CED's.

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Evangeline Ghastly?

A:  Yes. Most shoes made for Deeanna Denton also fit the pre-2012 Vinyl Evangeline.  The Ellowyne Bow Pumps (JS-BP-ELLO) and Ellowyne Calf Lace boots (JS-CALFLACE-ELLO) will also fit Vinyl Evangeline.  Shoes for the 22" Tonner American Model fit Resin Evangeline and Hard Plastic Evangeline (starting 2012).

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Delilah Noir?

A:  Yes - Some of the shoes for Deeanna Denton fit Delilah and some of the shoes for Ellowyne fit her (Bow Pumps and some boots).

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Tiffany Taylor?

A:  Cissy shoes fit Tiffany Taylor nicely.  See the fit here.  See the selection here.

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Kish's Electra & Rio?

A:  Cissy shoes fit them well. 

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Mini-Fe Lishe?

A:  Kingstate Cissy shoes fit her well. 

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit High Heeled Narae?

A:  Shoes for the Tonner 22" American Model fit her well. 

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit 60cm BJD's?

A:   There are several styles for 60cm (SD) BJD's, as well as for 43cm (MSD) and Tiny BJDs.

Q:  Do you have shoes that fit Wilde Imagination's Sad Sally?

A:   Some of the Tiny BJD shoes work on Sad Sally.  Socks or stockings are recommended.




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