I usually don't create my styles for particular outfits, but sometimes I see something that looks just perfect!  Here are a few of my favorites...

Tyler dolls and outfits:

As Time Goes By Sydney (2005 Collectors United New Year's Doll): Click here for pictures

Be Witched Sydney (2004 Collectors United Doll): Click here for pictures

Beyond Envy Sydney: Gemini in 2-tone green

Black and White Ball Sydney: Click here for pictures

C'est Magnifique: Magnifique in black with pink flowers

C'est Magnifique Blanc (MetroDolls exclusive): Magnifique in clear/pink

Envy Sydney: Glissette in peridot - great for a one-shoulder assymetrical look!

Holiday Gala Sydney: Click here for pictures

Ice Blue Sydney: Click here for pictures

Love is Blue Sydney: Click here for pictures

Midnight Garden: Click here for pictures

Queen of Hearts (2002 Collectors United Doll): Devotion in gold - either necklace set, tiara or both.

Riverside Park Promenade Sydney (2003 Collectors United Doll): Click here for pictures

Romance (2001 RTDC Convention Doll): I like either pink or aurora borealis with this one.  For pink jewelry, I like Harmony or Pavlova

Savoir Faire Sydney (2002 Collectors United Doll): Click here for pictures

Serenity (2002 FAO Exlcusive): Click here for pictures

Titania Sydney (2004 Modern Doll Convention): Click here for pictures

Gene dolls and outfits:

Best Bet: Check out a real rhinestone version of the beaded necklace that AD provided with this doll: Comet.

Black Widow (Madra): Illusion with black stones.

Blossoms in the Snow: A delicate piece is needed in this neckline.  My favorite is Snow Blossom (thus, the name!), but I also like Modesty and Simplicity.

Blue Fox: Click here for pictures

Creme de Cassis: To accent this lovely cocktail dress, I like  Harmony in tanzanite.

Encore: Monte Carlo or Luxe in amethyst.

Estrellita: Click here for pictures

Love Letters: Snow Blossom (great tiny squares, like the brooch on the outfit)

Midnight Gamble: Papillon is by far my favorite, but some of the smaller pieces like Serena and Modesty are very nice, too.

Midnight Romance:  I have quite a few sapphire accented pieces.  I like Fantasia and Luxe the best (probably in that order).

Night at Versailles: Any bold piece (Fantasia, Collar...) or something in tanzanite like Monte Carlo or Luxe.

Noble Invitation: Click here for pictures

Out of the Blue Violet: Click here for pictures

Pinque Passion: Click here for pictures

Premiere: Monte Carlo in black and gold.

Ransom in Red: Luxe in ruby or Mist in gold.

Right in Step:  Pavlova in Pink/Blue AB picks up the colors in this dress perfectly!  

Stardust Memories: Just about anything in silver looks great with this.  I really like Lucerne with the pearls, too.

Unforgettable: Just about everything, but I really love diamonds and pearls on her.  My favorites are Romance and Lucerne.  Also Irina in light amethyst .

Unsung Medley Madra: Click here for pictures

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