The Rhinestone Collection


Gorgeous rhinestone and decorative "pins" for your fashion dolls!

These don't actually use pins, but are held on by strong tiny magnets.  They can be used on any fabric - from chiffon to velvet - without damaging it!  

Pictures below are NOT actual size.  Click on the pictures to see the color choices and the proportions on a 15 1/2" fashion doll.

(Prices temporarily removed from this page because I have an Ebay Auction linking to this page.  If you click on any of the pins below to see close-ups, you will see the price.)

To inquire or order email: Marcia

Available in several colors

Available in silver or gold


 P1 - Double Square

 P2 - Double Pearl 

 P3 - Swirl

 P5 - Small Butterfly

 P7 - Round Pearl

 P9 - Marquise Cluster

 P15 - Swoosh

 P18 - Cameo

P19 - Porcelain Floral

 P21 - Orchid

 P22 - Grapes

P25 - Pearl Square



P26 - Single Square

P33 - Rose and Diamonds

P37 - Apple


P38 - Cherries