Musical Instruments

These are beautiful miniature instruments, proportioned for 15" - 16" fashion dolls.  I do not always have these in stock, but please email me if you are interested in anything. If I do not have it available, I will let you know when I am placing an order.   Other musical instruments may be available - ask if there is something that you are looking for.

Thank you! 

To inquire or order email: Marcia


Beautifully detailed wood guitar.  Comes with red velvet lined faux leather carrying case.  A lovely miniature!


Beautifully detailed wood sitar-like instrument proportioned for 15" - 16".  Technically, I think it is a bouzouki - a Greek instrument, as the tuning keys on a sitar are different. Includes velvet lined, faux leather carrying case.  Very well-made miniature instrument.

Kimono by Vicki Rubie

Electric Guitar

Beautifully detailed "electric" guitar, proportioned for 15" - 16" fashion dolls.  It is available in either  red or black with white accents.  It comes with a velvet lined case and a wood guitar stand, so you can stand it up between songs.   Note: Guitar is not actually electric!

Available in red/white (not black/white as shown)

Okay, I admit that Madra isn't quite the type to play this instrument, but she's the only bendable elbow doll I have.   Madra is so clueless, she's even playing it upside down.  (Or I'm so clueless that I didn't notice it was upside down when I took the picture - LOL!).  BTW, I'm using small clear hair elastics to have her hold it. 


Excellent quality miniature cello.  The bottom pin is removable.  Comes with bow and velvet lined case.


To inquire or order email: Marcia