The Inspirations Collection
Jewelry Inspired by Hollywood, History, Royalty and Elsewhere!

All pieces are all original designs by Facets and made with Swarovski Austrian crystal rhinestones.  They are sized to fit 16" fashion dolls like Tyler, Gene, or Alex, but I can include an extension chain to fit larger dolls.

To inquire or order email: Marcia

 The Queen's Necklace

A faithful reproduction of a necklace that caused a scandal for Marie Antoinette in 1785, referred to as "The Affair of the Necklace".

The original necklace (pictured in drawing) was created in the 1770's for Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV.  After his death, the jewelers offered it many times to Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette.  They turned it down.

In 1785, a scheming countess, Jeanne de Valois de LaMotte convinced the jewelers that Marie Antoinette wanted the necklace, but could not say so publicly because of the great cost.  Through forged correspondence and ruses, Jeanne arranged for financing the necklace on credit, supposedly on behalf of the Queen.

A few months later, when payment on the necklace was due, the jewelers approached the king and queen who knew nothing about the transaction.  A major scandal erupted.  Jeanne (who had already broken up the necklace and was selling the stones) and several accomplices were arrested, tried and found guilty.  Although history shows that Marie Antoinette was blameless in the affair, the press and the public branded her as the responsible party and this scandal was a major turning point against the monarchy, leading up to the revolution in 1789.

This miniature reproduction contains nearly 400 Swarovski crystal rhinestones.  It ties with silk ribbons, as was traditional in the period.  The pictures show cream ribbons, but I may have other colors available, including French blue, which was Marie's favorite color.

$100 for necklace, in display box with story card (see right - box color may vary)

$10 for earring if purchased with necklace
$15 for earrings if purchased separately

This necklace fits 16" and larger dolls.  It is pictured below on Tonner dolls, 60cm BJD's (Thalia and Sooah) and Sybarites.  The necklace is actually 2 separate pieces that tie together and can also be worn separately.  This set is a limited edition and made in small batches, so there may be a wait to get it.  I also may offer a few in gold or with aurora borealis stones - ask if interested.

 Click on the doll photos below to see larger views.

To read more about the story of the necklace, here are a few other websites:
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Queen Mary Tiara

Swarovski crystal miniature replica of Queen Mary's "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" tiara, given to her as a wedding gift in 1893.  Rhodium (dull silver/platinum look) plated with clear stones.





Spencer Tiara

Delicate swirled tiara, based on Princess Diana's.


Engagement Set

Necklace and earrings


Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

Swarovski crystal and pearl replica of Diana's tiara.  Rhodium (dull silver/platinum look) plated with clear stones.  It is also available in gold.



Swan Lake

Inspired by a pearl/rhinestone necklace worn by Princess Diana 

Available in silver or gold finish!

This will fit 16" Franklin Mint Vinyl Princess Diana and other 16" fashion dolls like Tyler, Gene, Alex, etc.

$30 for necklace/earring set


This is a lovely, delicate set was made to go with Collectors' United Tonner special doll, Shea's Wedding Day, but it is a versatile set and can be done in many other colors in either silver or gold setting.  Pearl accents are available in the gold setting only.

Necklace/earring set is $25 plus shipping.  


This is a picture of Shea Greene in her wedding jewelry, which inspired this set:



(photo by Carmela Cappell)

It is shown below with salmon colored rhinestones with Shimmering Rose Jane.


This set was inspired by a jewelry set worn in Gone with the Wind.  It is a classic design with a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and draped diamond chains with sapphire drops.

$30 for necklace/earring set.

This set is also available in gold and some other colors may be available - please ask.  

Diana Sapphire

This classic set is inspired by the lovely sapphire set frequently worn by Princess Diana.

$25 for necklace/earring set.

This set is also available in gold and with other colors of stones.  Please ask if you are interested in other colors.


This elaborate set of sparkling rhinestones and delicate faceted ball chain is based on a set worn by Debbie Reynolds in the "The Unsinkable Molly Brown".

$25 for necklace/earring set.
$23 for Small Leaf Tiara

This set is also available in gold and with other colors of stones.  Please ask if you are interested in other colors.



To inquire or order email: Marcia