Horsman/Urban Vita Dolls and Accessories

Great Accessories for 16" Dolls by Horsman!

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To see the selection of Horsman eyeglasses that fits Vita, Gene, Tyler, Sybarite, click here

Plastic Martini and Wine Glasses
For 16" dolls
$10/set of 4

For real glass barware, please check out the Facets Home Collection!

Set of Wine Glasses
Approx. 1 3/4" tall

Set of Martini Glasses
(only 3 shown)
Approx. 1 1/2" tall

Shown with Tyler (left) and Ellowyne (right) hands

A Note About Vita Fashions on other 16" Fashion Dolls

I have found these fashions to be a good fit on Tyler, Gene, Ellowyne, Sybarites and others.  A few outfits are tight across the bust, which is only a problem if the outfit fastens in the front.  You may want to move a snap or hook.  Shoes for these outfits may be flat footed, so may not work on your doll.  Also, the high heeled shoes have a lower arch, so standing the doll may require bending the legs or posing to compensate for the pitch.  Of course, they are a perfect fit on Vita!


Tea in the Garden outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls
Designed by Erica Gerdts

Mauve and periwinkle satin dress with brocade jacket
Topped with a flower decorated straw hat
 Ppearl drop earrings
Matte silver metallic sling back sandals

Tre Elegant outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls
1950's Cocktail Hostess outfit designed by George Sarofeen

Orange, Saffron and gold lurex striped jacket over deep burgundy jersey stretchy pants.
Cat Eye glasses trimmed to match the pants.
Copper and black metal jewelry that look smart with the black glitter flats
Serve up your favorite martini with 2 perfect glasses atop silver tone metal tray



Miracle Mile outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls
Designed by George Sarofeen

Dark navy blue taffeta dress with rhinestone buttons, white organza portrait collar adorned with delicate navy blue lace.
Navy flower petal hat (not feathers as shown)
Navy taffeta shoes with bows and rhinestone detail
White graduated pearl necklace and single pearl earring studs.
Urban Vintage Hat Box


Winter outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls

Knit Ivory off the shoulder tunic and leggings.
Ultra suede boots topped with faux ivory fur
Belt with gold buckle
2 wire bangles, one with rhinestone accent

Seasons Collection - Autumn Outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls
Sweater coat/dress, saffron silk shirt, green ultra suede vest and detailed
denim jeans with perfect cowboy boots in brown

The gold blouse snaps in the front and is tight in the bust on some dolls - it is covered on Lizette below with the vest.  The sweater coat would also cover that. The jeans fit Tyler, Sybarites, Gene, Antoinette and Ellowyne bodies very well.  The boots are flat footed, but you can put most dolls' feet in them, just not all the way down. 


Seasons Collection - Spring Outfit
For Vita and other 16" dolls

I found the arch/heel of these shoes to be too low for most of the other fashion dolls.   The dress fits all of them well, but because of the tightness of the skirt, I suggest putting the stand between the legs before putting the dress on.


Argyle Knit Cardigan
For Vita and other 16" dolls
with crystal button accents

available in white or pink


Knit Ruffled Cardigan
For Vita and other 16" dolls

available in rose or ivory



To inquire or order email: Marcia