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I am trying to compile a list of all of the items which come with Gene and friends dolls and outfits.  The list is being made from actual production items, not from the promotional pictures.  When possible, I will supplement the descriptions with photos.  I am also adding story cards, if people would like to type them up.

When you look at the doll/outfit lists, I indicate a "Y" for those items that have a complete description or photos. If you can supply any additional descriptions of items or photos, please check here to find out how to submit them.   This list is evolving and items will be added whenever possible.

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Gene Outfits

Madra Dolls

Madra Outfits

Trent Dolls

Trent Outfits

Violet Waters Dolls

Violet Waters Outfits

Accessory Sets

Jewelry Lists (compiled by Leneda Maki):

Shoe List (compiled by Leneda Maki)

This site is a comprehensive list of all of Gene's items and more.  Includes all of the publicity shots.

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These sites have a chronology of Gene Marshall's career and movies

Anna Roddenberry's Gene Chronology
Kristana's Spa


I'd like to thank all of the wonderful people who have contributed descriptions and/or photos to this effort (hope I'm not forgetting anyone!): Leneda Maki, Nancy Richardson, Debbie Russell, Suzanne Martino, Jackie Cranston, Clint Connor, Shirley Kearns, Cynthia Heaton, Debra Kunstmann, Sarah Sutter, Deb Chiles.  Story cards courtesy of Michael Basala and Kathleen Quinn.

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