Diamonds are a Doll's Best Friend!


The 13th Annual Facets BBQ on September 13th, 2015 - mostly a gorgeous day, with a little rain


A few introductory announcements with my most adoring fan, Angie the Facet Hound

Beautiful dolls on display...



Fun in the sun (and shade)...


And indoors after the rain started...

A little talk in my doll room (and my attentive audience in the next room over)...


I was so happy to have my siblings join me for the day!

Group portrait from oldest to youngest

Group portrait with a little photobomb...

My brother Steve did a little "walking  magic"

I think this was part of a trick, but I'm not entirely sure...


Shopping at Facets and with other sellers in the cellar

An adorable chicken outfit for Pukifee by Monica Cooper


Lots of food... (and my saintly husband Paul with the hors d'oeuvres)



Door prizes (indoors at this point... it was raining)



Donations mailed in for the Free Table (it was doubled with what people brought with them)

A panorama of the Free Table

The remants at the end


Poor Tinky Winky left behind...


The rain did not deter people from examining their loot!

My husband's "loot" from the Free Table


And video of the free table...


 And aftermath...


At the end of the day... a little wet and totally exhausted!